From: Jari Vetoniemi <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 18:29:43 +0200
I started this toy project to replace libasound with sndio, as the PCM
plugin way seemed to always have problems in one way or another. (and eventually use tinyalsa in
sndiod instead of libasound, to get rid of userland alsa all together)

It works right now with SDL programs, dolphin-emu, PCSX2 at least. One of
the things I want to get work is wine. However, for some reason it seems
sio_write always returns 0 for wine programs, and I'm not sure what causes

SNDIO_DEBUG=2 shows these 2 curious lines:
>libsndio: polls: 0, samples = 0
>aucat: start, maxwrite = 0

Before starting more indepth debugging, I thought I'd ask here if you have
any causes for sio_write returning zero.
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