Re: Sndio don't work in Gentoo

From: Daniel Gibson <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2020 02:30:24 +0200

- Make sure that pulseaudio is not running, only one of pulseaudio and 
sndio can use the audio device at a time.
(if executing "ps -A | grep pulseaudio" in a terminal creates output, 
pulse is running)
- Please don't post screenshots for posting text, post the text (or if 
it's too long, put it in a .txt and attach that to the mail, or put it 
in a pastebin and link that)
- For debugging, don't start sndio via rc script - shut the daemon down 
via rc and try running it as a user first, so you get debug output 
directly to the terminal. This is usually done with something like
   sndiod -d -f rsnd/0
(for more debug information, use -dd or -ddd etc instead of just -d)
If you have multiple soundcards, the device might not be rsnd/0 but 
rsnd/1 or sth else, depending on which soundcard wanna use - rsnd/0 is 
alsa's hw:0, rsnd/1 is hw:1 etc.+
"aplay -l" lists the available alsa devices, hw:0,0 means "card 0 device 
0" (not 100% sure, but sndiod might indeed accept -f rsnd/0,1 to select 
the device of a card, but in my experience specifying the card number is 
TBH, the sndio documentation should be more clear on how to select a 
particular alsa card/device..
- Use aucat for testing. "aucat -i /dev/urandom" should create 
white/static noise on the speakers. aucat also has the "-d" and "-dd" 
etc options for additional debug information.

Anyway, try this and then you should hopefully get helpful output 
that'll tell you why sndiod doesn't work - and if you still can't get it 
to work, please post the output of sndiod and aucat started with -ddd.


On 17.08.20 01:48, wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> The server, by default, cannot initialize, could you tell me some additional parameters, I already tried starting with -d device, but nothing the same error. I attach an example with mpv.
> By the way, have you considered creating a Telegram group? There are both BSD and Linux users, I think it would be wise and these issues can be solved faster and better.
> Thanks,
> Luis.
> 17 de agosto de 2020 0:02, "Peter Piwowarski" <> escribió:
>> On Sun, 16 Aug 2020 11:19:41 +0000
>> wrote:
>>> I have compiled everything with ALSA support, excluding Pulseaudio and Jack, since this one works
>>> on top of ALSA, but starting sndiod it just doesn't work. I do not know if someone has managed to
>>> run it correctly, or I have to do some additional configuration that is not present in the official
>>> documentation. You can see the configuration in this screenshot:
>>> (
>>> Thanks,
>>> Luis.
>> What do you mean by "it just doesn't work", exactly? What happens that you don't expect, or doesn't
>> happen that you do? Do you see any error messages? What if you invoke sndiod with one or more -d
>> options? Do other sndio applications (like aucat) work without sndiod started?
>> --
>> Peter Piwowarski <>
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