Re: Issues with more than four channels

From: Daniel Gibson <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 02:09:50 +0200
On 08.06.20 17:33, Alexandre Ratchov wrote:
> Most likely the "start threshold" logic is wrong. The "watchdog
> time-out" happens when play and rec directions are out of sync, most
> probably because one of them didn't start at all. Still, I fail to
> understand why this is sensitive to the channel count.
> My Linux box does stereo only, so I'll have to setup a new one to try
> to reproduce it. Meanwhile could you send me the debug output of the
> full-duplex 6-channel setup, as follows. In one terminal run:
> SNDIO_DEBUG=5 sndiod -dd -a on -f rsnd/1 -c 0:5 2>log-6ch.txt
> then in another run "aucat -i /dev/zero" for around 10 seconds and
> send me the resulting file. Then the same but for the working
> 2-channel.
> SNDIO_DEBUG=5 sndiod -dd -a on -f rsnd/1 2>log-2ch.txt

I attached the logs.
I added two more:
log-6ch-mplay.txt is from the (working!)
   sndiod -dd -a on -f rsnd/2 -c 0:5 -m play
log-6ch-bz.txt is from (also working!)
   sndiod -dd -a on -b 5280 -z 480 -f rsnd/2 -c 0:5
(with the same buffer- and periodsizes as used by default in non-working 

(Yes, it was rsnd/2 this time, somehow ALSAs device-order had changed 
after a reboot, possibly due to a kernel update, no idea)

> Thanks for the openal change, BTW

You're welcome!


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