Application-to-application audio and other qs

From: Martin Gammelsæter <>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2018 15:40:11 +0200

I've been using jack ( for my hobby audio projects for a
while. I recently found sndio, and found that the API exposed by sndio
looks a lot cleaner and much more elegant, which I love. I've started
experimenting a bit with it, but I have a few questions I hope
somebody on this list may be able to help me with:

o Is there any way to do application to application audio? I've been
   using the midithru feature of sndiod, is there something similar for
   audio data? In jack I typically create an application for each
   "unit" of audio processing, and patch them together.

o Is there any (planned) support for macOS/darwin? Personally I use
   Linux, but being able to run my applications on macOS would be

PS: I made a quick hack to expose a sndio MIDI-port in jack (only
sndio → jack, for now), so that I could test a sndio MIDI sequencer
I've been experimenting with using jack-enabled synths. if anyone has
similar needs, check it out:
Feedback, ideas and patches welcome :)

Thank you for the great software!

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