Routing MIDI controllers with sndio on Linux.

From: Brian Durant <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2023 16:54:53 +0200
How are MIDI controllers routed with sndio on Linux? On OpenBSD, MIDI 
ports are named "midi/0", "midi/1", and they correspond to the "midi0 at 
..." lines of dmesg. I am currently using sndio on Void Linux (mainly 
for support of my MIDI controllers), and the MIDI controllers are 
typically listed as:

[ 75.825351] usb 1-12: Product: A-PRO

[ 75.825355] usb 1-12: Manufacturer: Roland

[ 142.346575] usb 1-12: USB disconnect, device number 7

[ 215.239705] usb 1-12: new full-speed USB device number 8 using xhci_hcd

[ 215.367162] usb 1-12: New USB device found, idVendor=09e8, 
idProduct=0076, bcdDevice= 1.00

Unfortunately, I am unable to route any of my controllers to LMMS (with 
sndio set as the MIDI interface in the LMMS preferences), such as to the 
SF2 plugin. I am able to set the MIDI input properly in LMMS (in the 
plugin), but I am apparently not getting a MIDI signal from the 
keyboard. This is where that I suspect that there could be a routing issue.

Sooo, assuming that everything else is equal to sndio on OpenBSD, I need 
to run a similar command, with the equivalent of "midi/0" in Linux:

$ midicat -d -q midi/0 -q midithru/0

Of course with the correct variable for the relevant MIDI device.
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