Re: sndio:disconnected problems on FreeBSD 12.1

From: MrPhyber <>
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 17:24:07 +0000
> It's supposed to work without teaks. What you describe tends to
> happens when play and recording rates are not strictly the same. Could
> you confirm that both directions are using the same device?
> Do you know if this is a new problem?

I've checked the play/rec rates and both seem to be equal
(48000Hz). Both directions are using the same physical
sound card (on my freebsd install the usb sound card uses
pcm6:play:dsp6 and pcm6:record:dsp6). With only the play
mode I had to adjust the block size or otherwise I would
continuosly get:
snd0: play hw xrun, pused = 3840/4096
(similar with play/rec).
The strange thing that I forgot to mention in the previous
mail is (and btw sorry for the double mail, that was an
accident): reading from the manpage, the default buffer size of the audio dev is 7680 and the block size is 960.
If I don't set these values I get the xruns, but if I manually
set them to the default values (-b 7680 -z 960) all is fine.
I don't know if I am not understanding something or if this
is a known problem, sadly.
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