Re: AES67 support?

From: Hannu Vuolasaho <>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2020 23:30:15 +0300
ma 4. toukok. 2020 klo 7.37 Alexandre Ratchov ( kirjoitti:
> On Sun, May 03, 2020 at 12:01:13AM +0300, Hannu Vuolasaho wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > Has anyone consider adding AES67 support for sndiod or is it something
> > which should be done as kernel driver or is this just a new question?
> >
> Oh, you made me dig into AES67 :-) But yes, this would need some sort
> of driver to make AES67 work.

It didn't look that hard when reading from specs and how Ravenna has
done it for Linux. Also gstreamer has some support for it too. At
least it can receive
> > The RTP format part is easy but the SDB for publishing the service
> > would drag some dependency.
> > Also I don't know how easy it would be meet the real time requirements
> > (low latency).
> AFAICS, latency is not a problem on modern systems. On a cheap 100Mbps
> ethernet link, TCP just works and latency is largely dominated by
> audio interface latency (provided that there's enough bandwidth
> available for audio). Hence the TCP choice for sndiod.

Yep. TCP is often good enough and correct tool for many jobs. AES67
has also multicast support so that's why UDP.
> Bandwidth could be reserved with the firewall, but getting a dedicated
> network interface, solves all stability/latency problems.

Yep. And as long switch isn't Eco Mega Turbo Green 2000 kind of thing
the the stream goes really nice through it.
> > Or does anyone know some real hard parts why not even try?
> >
> Never tried, as I never needed it.
> > My active speakers can take input through ethernet and I thought why
> > not try to give it.
> I'm curious, what speakers are these?

What I want is Genelec 8030A and what I have is Glenaudio Divine
speakers. I had network available more easily than place for the extra
boxes where I wanted to have my stereos :)

Hannu Vuolasaho
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