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From: Peter Piwowarski <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 19:40:45 -0400
 > i am currently plan to switch to a BSD system. But without sound it 
 > make sense.
 > My problem is, i have a sound card with an CMI8788 chip. Afaik the 
chip is
 > used in a lot of sound cards, but it is still not supported in sndio.
 > The problem with the chip occurs every few month in different bsd forums.
 > The oldest problem i have found in the short past was from 2013.
 > May be you can update sndio for CMI8788 sound cards.
 > Two people had started to write a kernel, but never finished it. I'll 
 > you the git link. May be it will help.
 > Best regards,
 > Dexter

One thing you might try, depending on the exact situation, is running sndiod
under Linux (assuming it has a driver for this chip) with the -L option to
allow OpenBSD systems to use the sound card over the network. If two 
machines are available, then, only the one plugged in to the audio 
system needs
to run Linux. I've also had success with this from OpenBSD (and other!) xen
guests to the (Linux) xen dom0, for example.
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